Baby Update

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Here is a picture from last week. He smiled for the sonographer. It’s been a while since I updated about our Little One. We are now on the home stretch and he could be born any day. Tomorrow he is officially 36 weeks and the birth mom has been having some contractions. He is being […]

Completed Puzzle!

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to our fundraiser and all the other fundraisers we have done in the past. We appreciate your participation.

I Know How It Feels

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No one can understand how I feel like another adoptive mother. It’s like I make an instant bond with someone when I hear they have adopted or are adopting.

Revive Me

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My biggest fear as I became an adult was that I wasn’t going to be able to have children. Yet God has taken this fear, crushed it and revived my soul.

The Day is Yours

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Besides marrying my husband Jason, nothing has made me happier in this life than the coming of our Little One. Also nothing has made me feel more anxious. Daily, I battle with the feelings of uncertainty that are a reality of domestic adoption. Things have been going really well so far, yet nothing is settled […]

The Missing Piece

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We are 3 months away from our Little One’s due date! He is the missing piece of our hearts for sure. We are starting a puzzle fundraiser to help with the adoption costs. Here’s how it works. We have purchased a 300 piece puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle needs a sponsor. You can sponsor […]