A Letter to my Childless Self

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Dear Childless Esther, The other day I thought of you. I took a deep breath and remembered the pain and depression. Back then it was a constant, it was who you were. It felt like a cold stabbing pain. I don’t think you were aware of how much you were hurting because you were too […]

What Happens After Your Dreams Come True?

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Well it has been almost a year since I posted anything here. I have shared a lot on social media but I need to share what has happened in this past year. Kenny has been such a wonderful addition to our family. The time watching him grow and develop into such an amazing little human […]

2017: The Year that God Redeemed

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Looking back it is easy to say that 2017 was a hard year. There was a lot of pain and uncertainty. It is easy to focus on the sad things that happened. And while I look forward to 2018 I will forever think of 2017 as the year that God Redeemed.

All For Love

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We are coming closer to the baby’s due date and we are doing this one last raffle for a LÍLLÉbaby carrier. However this time the winner gets to pick which carrier they want. That’s right you get to pick from the in stock carriers (excluding the Woven collection) on the LÍLLÉbaby website which one you want to take home if you win the raffle.

What I Always Thought I Would Be

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When I was little I was never one to dream of being a teacher, a nurse, or an astronaut. I only dreamed of being a mom. In High school I knew I wanted to be a wife and mother. I went to culinary school because I love to cook but I knew I didn’t want […]

Love Carries Us

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When our last adoption placement failed we clung to the hope that God always has a plan for us. That while we didn’t understand why, that He would bring good out of this situation. His love carried us and continues to do so as we now pray for this new baby boy and the expectant […]

I Love You To Pieces, Sweet Boy!

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We are excited to announce that the baby we are expecting via adoption is a baby boy! We can’t wait to cuddle him and wear him in our amazing LÍLLÉbaby Complete carriers. The LÍLLÉbaby Complete is the only carrier you will need and the Embossed is comfortable, lightweight and supportive enough to last you from infancy to […]


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We have a LÍLLÉbaby Complete Embossed in Teal to raffle off ! This will also be paired with a custom set of accessories made by the shop MamaSewNerdy. The carrier retails at $170 and the accessories at $37- a $207 value! Check out the blog to find out how to enter.

Women Who March Must Also Act

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I believe that we should support each other as women. But it cannot just be done by marching. You have to start at home. You have to speak of others, especially those we disagree with the most, with respect.