be the fun mom

Be the Fun Mom!

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We need to be the fun moms (dads and grandparents). As families we will burn out if we spend day in and day out in the same grind with no family fun. We need to enjoy our children and experience the joy that is their childhood.

Family Day !

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Today we celebrated MacMillan’s 2nd Family Day! The 2nd anniversary of his adoption day. The day we were legally his parents. The Lord has truly blessed us with a wonderful son and a great relationship with his birth family. We went out to lunch at Tijauna Flats since MacMillan loves chips. He had nachos and […]


Celebrate Earth Day with Usborne Books and More!

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God calls us to be the stewards of His creation which is why I love to celebrate Earth Day. One of the reasons I chose to use cloth diapers with MacMillan was because it reduced the amount of waste going into our landfills. No one knows how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose, […]


LÍLLÉ Love Letters: Lucky

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Never in my life did I think I would utter the following words: “I’m lucky to have infertility.” Even so, it’s true. I feel lucky that what seemed like the end of the world led us to you, MacMillan.


How long does it take?

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How many times have I answered this question? A ton. I don’t mind it being asked truly because I feel the more people know about the adoption process the better. But there are days where it seems like it takes forever. I think the waiting to be matched feels even longer because of the struggle […]


BravEllie is our Valentine this year

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On August 24, 2015 Ellie was diagnosed with hepatosplenic gamma delta T cell lymphoma, an extremely rare cancer. Ellie received a bone marrow transplant from her little sister Jayda this past December and is now in isolation at home until her new cells have had a chance to be accepted by her body which has left the Shaw family facing many physical, mental and financial challenges. So join me as I host an Usborne Books and More party to benefit the Shaw Family.