Women Who March Must Also Act

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I have been thinking about the Women’s March all day today. My aunt flew to DC to participate there and I must say I am proud. Because all people are equal in the sight of God and we deserve equal pay and respect. Most of my friends and family that participated wanted to send a message to our new president that women will not be treated with disrespect. I think the message was sent loud and strong.

This is not saying I agree with all the political views of those marching.  But I agree that everyone has the right to march for their beliefs. It is a great privilege we have here in the United States of America.

I believe that we should support each other as women. But it cannot just be done by marching. You have to start at home. You have to speak of others, especially those we disagree with the most, with respect. We shouldn’t call names and generalize about others because they have one belief or another. When someone does it to us we should show grace, mercy and forgiveness and work towards understanding and real dialogue. We can stand for what is right without tearing others down.

We should reach out to those in need in our communities: to the homeless, to the orphans and the widows, to the women seeking shelter from abuse, to the single moms, to the foster parents and to the friends in need of support. Giving of our time and money to help others in our community is where it starts.

I believe that when we work and serve together we can more easily discuss those things that divide us with respect. I am friends with many people who disagree with me on abortion but what I have found is that not all people who believe it should be a right actually want people to have abortions.  They also know that just because I disagree with them doesn’t mean that I vilify the person who has had an abortion. It breaks my heart to hear the stories where women have felt it was their only choice and only way out of a situation. It is through my friendships with people who disagree with me that I learn more about myself and how to love others better. We need to be open to listening and to speak after we think.  

Sadly it is rare to be able to disagree with someone and have a respectful and grace filled conversation. It can be done but it requires effort. This is what I hope the women who marched today will spread throughout their communities. That disagreement doesn’t mean hate.

Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how you should respond to each person.

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