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So I know I haven’t posted much lately. I have been focusing on getting things done around the house. I have been making progress but plan on some new posts this week. I finished this project today. We love baseball and our local team the Tampa Bay Rays so this is very appropriate for our front door. The sign part came out better than I could have hoped. I found this idea via Pinterest. The main difference is that I made the sign for my wreath because the “street signs” I found with Rays on them didn’t really appeal to me. Also I attached my baseballs by sewing them not hot glue due to the fact that I live in Florida and the hot glue doesn’t really hold up in the summer rain and humidity.

Also our cat Samantha is starting to show her age at 16 so we have been dealing with lots of different issues from that. I am hoping she will live until we meet our Little One but not sure if that will happen. She has been my companion for 12 year now. She is loving and sweet to kids. Praying for less issues in the coming months. May 2013 016

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