What is Love?

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What is Love?

Love is a child born of one mother, raised by another but loved by both.

I experience real love today. As I sat with the birth mom in triage waiting to see if our lives would be changed we  prayed. We prayed that today would be the day. That the doctors would make the right decision and that our boy would be born. God answered our prayers. C-section was happening.

So much happened after that decision. They prepped her, they gave us the run down of how thing would go and wheeled her off. I dressed in the paper gown, hat, booties and mask. I was ready. I have been ready. This was the moment. I prayed that God would keep us all safe and healthy.

They came and got me. I held her hand. We looked at each other as we knew our lives were being stitched together forever by God’s hands. Then the moment came and he was born. He let out some good healthy cries.

So many pictures. They cleaned him. They weighed him. 8 lbs 11 oz. 21 inches long.

Then they asked the birth mom do you want to hold him? She said no. They were perplexed. They knew it was an adoption.

She said “He needs to be with his mama.”

They gave me my son. I cannot put it into words. I looked at him, at her and we cried. I thanked her for making me his mother. She told me that I was going to be the best mom.

What love is this? I will strive my whole life to love him the way she loves him.

I looked at MacMillan and told him, he has two mommies that love him very much.

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  1. Erin says:

    Great…now I’m crying like a baby and will be puffy at church tomorrow. Thank you for sharing this intimate moment. There are things that people could say about Mac’s birth mother but I think God sent her to you because you share the same love language…gifts. No one will top the gifts she have you today. I cannot tell you how happy i am for you and Jason but i can tell you that you all will be in prayers. Love you.

  2. Lydia says:

    Yep…can’t stop crying. This is beautiful!

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