What I Always Thought I Would Be

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When I was little I was never one to dream of being a teacher, a nurse, or an astronaut. I only dreamed of being a mom.

In High school I knew I wanted to be a wife and mother. I went to culinary school because I love to cook but I knew I didn’t want to make that my life’s work.

My greatest fear was not being able to have children. After we started trying to have kids I realized it wasn’t a far off fear but a reality.

When I turned 30 years old I didn’t care about being “older” what made me upset was being 30 and not having a child already.

I was 34 when I finally became a mother via adoption. It was by far one of the happiest moments in all my life. A dream come true. A dream I fought and prayed for.

Now as I enter my 38th year of life today, I am hoping to become a mom for the second time. While this is definitely not how I thought it would happen and how old I would be at the time, it is what I always thought I would be.

I am happy to be a mom. It is my dream come true. I work hard and sacrifice my time and energy to make it happen. It might not be the traditional way to labor over a new baby but I pour my life into because it is what I know I was meant to be.

So today I celebrate that I am 38 and that I am a mom.


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  1. Dan Coggins says:

    And what a wonderful mom (aunt, friend, daughter you are.

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