Tonight I rocked my baby to sleep

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Tonight I rocked my baby to sleep

He cried in his crib and when I asked if he didn’t feel good he reached up for me with cup in one hand and his lovey in the other.

I lifted him out of bed and sat in a chair rocking him back and forth.

I asked him if his legs hurt and he nodded. Growing pains it is.

As I rocked him I thought this could be the last time I rock you sweet boy, or just another night holding my boy close.

Then I thought of another mom recently who died too young leaving her babies behind to never be rocked by her again.

I thought of all the foster moms doing the tireless work of loving those who are placed in their care.

I thought of all the moms who can’t rock their babies anymore because disease stole them from their arms

I know this is my job, to mother him with all I am.

I know that when his birth mom placed him with me this is what she wanted.

So although my boy is a big and growing 2-year-old I will rock him as long as I can.

I will hold him in any way that I can because he is my baby.


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