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Today at Target I went to check and see if my store’s summer section was on clearance, and it was 50% off. This was great news because I really wanted to get a couple of prizes for my church’s VBS. Even better was there was an offer on the Target Cartwheel app for 20% off Summer Outside Lawn Games which expires on 7.20.2013.

Cartwheel lets you select which deals you want and get additional discounts on items at Target stores. Right now I believe it is limited to Facebook users. But you don’t have to have a smart phone to use it (although it is easier). If you want to know more about Cartwheel you can check it out here.

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Also I was super excited to find that Target now has Up&Up brand crayons, which are great quality, for only 25 cents each! This is a great deal. Last year I was very disappointed to have to buy crayons for 50 cents per box. So after talking to Amanda (my best friend who does the Operation Christmas Child project with me) we decided to get 60 to start with. We are working on 200 Operation Christmas Child boxes this year. There was also an offer on Cartwheel for 15 % off these crayons (It is limited to 4 per purchase, but any discount is better than none.)

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Another great deal I found today was also paired with an offer on Cartwheel. They had an additional 10% off the movie 42 The Jackie Robinson Story. Jason saw this movie in the theater with our church’s men’s group and loved it, so I thought I would pick it up this week. It just came out on Tuesday so the price was $22.99 on sale (This is the DVD, Blu-ray & Ultra Violet Combo) after the cartwheel discount it was only $20.69. I thought this was more than worth it as we rarely buy movies and I know we will watch it again and again. If you are interested in getting the DVD version it is on sale for $14.99 this week.

MeThese aren’t all the items I bought today but they are the ones I was most excited about. In addition to using Cartwheel, I save 5% on all my purchases with my Target Debit Card.  I spent $92.55 and saved $61.52!  This is more than I usually spend but VBS and Operation Christmas Child are well worth the extra investment.

Also be on the look out for the summer toy clearance as most stores are moving to 50% off this week and soon we will see 70% off. Stock up now for Christmas and birthdays.


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