Time Flies

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August 2013 059It has already been more than one month since we were chosen by our Little One’s birth mother to parent him. It seems like we were waiting so long but now the time is just flying by.

We have been hard at work getting his room ready. Jason finished the window cornice I asked him to build and it looks great. I finally finished the curtains but still need to sew a couple other items. The room is really starting to come together. We don’t currently have a crib as I am registering for one, in hopes that someone will buy it. Also Little One will be sleeping in his Rock n Play when he first comes home anyway.

This past week I had lunch with the birth mother and the adoption agency. I had emailed the agency some pictures of the nursery to show her and she asked to see them again. I showed her pictures of the nursery plus some clothes that I had purchased for him. We had a good talk and a great lunch. I am really enjoying the open adoption experience. Next week we are going to meet her parents which is really exciting.

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Sometimes I think people want to disconnect the birth family from the adoption process and I guess I understand that mind-set. As they want to think of the baby as their child alone. However the reality is that there is a loving mother who chose adoption over abortion, who is willing to sacrifice her own comfort and feelings so that her child will have a happy and healthy life. We are so blessed to be able to know and have a relationship with our little one’s birth mother and her family. He will have us and our family that love him and his birth family that loves him. He will never have to question why he was placed in our family. He will know that his birth mother loves him and that because of that love she chose us as his parents.

Please pray for us, the birth mother, her family and our little one as we wait for his arrival. That God will give us peace and that our little one will grow in health and know that he is loved already by so many people.

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  1. Dedra Rodriquez says:

    Love your post!! I’m excited for your future child and the decisions yall have made! 🙂

    I wanted to know, where did you find some of the PEANUTS items for the nursery? We are expecting our little boy in February and I have chosen to do the PEANUTS theme as well. If you could email me, that would be so wonderful!!!

    Thank you!

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