Time Flies

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2 monthsThere are days where I seriously can’t believe how big my little baby has gotten. Although we haven’t had our 2 month check up yet, I approximate he weighs close to 15 lbs. He has already out grown his 0-3 months clothes and is too big for some 3-6 months outfits as well.

MacMillan is a happy baby and loves to cuddle with his mama. He loves Snoopy (I think mainly because he can see him well as he is black and white and all over his room) and loves to do karate (kicking and moving his arms around ALOT!)

We were blessed to have 3 baby showers since he was born and he has a stocked closet full of toys from Christmas.

Like all parents we are happy to see him growing and learning new things but we wish time would slow down a little. Funny how the anticipation of his arrival (waiting to be picked and waiting for his birth) seemed like it took forever but now time flies by.

2 months close up


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