Support group for Procrastinators?

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Hi, My name is Esther and I am a procrastinator. I have been working really hard at being less of a  procrastinator lately and with all my planning for this garage sale I feel like I have done pretty well. Of course it is hard to turn back the clock on 32 years of practice I have had at putting things off to the last-minute. It also doesn’t help that I always seem to get stuff done even if I procrastinate. There should be a support group for procrastinators but I am sure we would just keep rescheduling the meeting.

I finally got around to doing more crafts last night. I had a long list of ideas and only 1 of the items completed. So I went through and tried about 4 of them last night. One was successful, one was a flop, one needed some prepping so I need to try it again tonight, and two were a little time-consuming so I might just do them for the next sale. But I must say that I feel better now having gotten those done. So of course I will be spending every “free” moment this week in front of my sewing machine. Oh well! Live and learn or don’t learn and just put it off until tomorrow.


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