Summer Time Crafts

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1-July 2013 028I have only been to the beach twice this spring/summer but managed to collect a good amount of nice shells. (Ok, so anyone who doesn’t live in Florida or near a beach two times might be a lot but it isn’t for me.)  I have always been fascinated with shells with holes in them. So I collected about 50 and decided to make a little shell mobile/chime. I was going to do a detailed how to but to be honest I didn’t really figure out how to make the hanger properly. So I might have to save that for another day.

Also, I like to have seasonal door hangings. So I picked up a wooden letter at Jo-Ann Fabric. I used Aleene’s Quick Dry “Tacky” glue to secure the shells. I like it because it held them in place easily while it was drying and it dries clear. After letting the glue dry overnight, I then used a paint brush to put more of the Aleene’s glue in the cracks, on the outer edge and on the parts of some shells so I could apply Extra Fine White Glitter. The idea was that the glitter would kind of look like sand and fill in the spaces that I couldn’t fit shells. It came out pretty good in my opinion.

MeI hope you enjoy my Summer Time Crafts. Hopefully I will get some more crafts completed this week.

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  1. paula coggins says:

    I especially like the “D” with the shells on it. Are you going to hang it on your door?

    • admin says:

      Yes I think I am. I just need to make something to hang up with it. Like a grapevine wreath painted white.

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