Starting another Journey

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Celebrating our Family Day on April 17th


This April we started the adoption process again. We have had our home study visit and we are waiting for it to be finalized. While I am not as nervous this time around since it is familiar territory, I still feel like the wait will never end. I know we just started but still I wonder and pray for our child and their birth family. 

The experience we have had so far with our son’s birth family has been really great. We have a good relationship with the birth mom and her parents. This past year Mac’s birth mom and his grandpa came to his first birthday party. We had them over to our house a couple days after Christmas to celebrate. This spring Mac’s birth mom, half brother, uncle and grandparents came to our family lunch and Easter egg hunt. It was a great day and we loved having them with us. It is really amazing how well our families have accepted the birth family into their lives. 

So I am anxious to see how it will be with our next child. I wonder if we will have contact with the birth dad this time or if we will have any contact with extended family. 

Open adoption is sometimes stressful, messy and chaotic but in my opinion always worth it. 

Please join us in prayer for the child God wants us to parent and for their birth family. 

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