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It’s been a while since my last post…  so many things have been going on. I finished working on our Adoption Profile book and received it very quickly from Picaboo. I am very happy with out it turned out. We included a lot of pictures of us, our families, and our friends. We started it with the Dear Birth Mother letter where we introduce ourselves and then followed it up with descriptions of each other’s personalities and character traits. I really enjoyed making it and can’t wait to get the call one day that we have been picked by a birth mother. The waiting is the hardest part. It could be any day but it could also be a couple of years. As a person who loves to plan things that is very hard to deal with. But God has given me the love for children so in the mean time I will use it to help them. Which brings me to….

Operation Christmas Child 2013 – 2 people packing 200 boxes! I know we just finished but that is exactly the moment that we begin again.We have our list of things to do differently this year and I am on the lookout for deals. Since I go out-of-town for Thanksgiving, Amanda took charge of the Black Friday shopping at Ikea this year. They had their stuffed animals 50% off. What a deal! We love their little bears and the tiny stuffed animals. They are the perfect size for our boxes and at the price of $1 and $.25 we can get a lot of them. Stuffed animals are by far Amanda’s favorite item to include in our boxes. Who can blame her? They are so cute. December is also a great time to get Christmas themed coloring pads from Walgreens. We like the small pads because they fit easily into the bottom or our shoe boxes. Also they usually put them on sale at 3 for $1 at least once. We will be scouting out the stocking stuffers and getting ready to shop after Christmas. Take  a look at stores near you and see what you can find to fill your boxes for next year. 

In addition to the start of packing our boxes for 2013, my Dad and I are going to the Operation Christmas Child Atlanta Processing center to work for two days. We went last year and had so much fun. I love this project and hope that maybe next year Amanda can go with me. Unfortunately, she is busy working on her masters degree, and can’t be gone for 4 days. But that is ok because I do enjoy spending the time with my Dad and it is great meeting others who are passionate about Operation Christmas Child.  Keep an eye out for more blog updates as we travel to Atlanta next week. Please pray for us as we travel and for all the children who will receive the boxes.

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