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So I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped today but I did get my big signs done. I made them to go over our church’s existing signs at the end of the road. Going to put them out on Friday.

The plans are starting to come together and the volunteers are finalizing their hours (thanks to everyone in advance). I am a little stressed out about getting all my stuff done but I know it will happen. Trying not to think about that and just take it one step at a time. Now that I am done with the big signs I can go back to sewing burp cloths. Hoping they will sell well. If not I will be über prepared when we finally adopt.

I am happy though that it is getting closer to the date of the sale because my brain is running on empty now. I don’t have any more space to remember things. If I don’t have a list for the store I will definitely leave there without something. Also I called my cat Daniel (my nephews name) and my nephew Linus (my cat’s name) more than a couple of times this month.

Please take time to say a little prayer for my sanity and for my husband to have patience with me. Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Biggest sign to go at the end of Hayes Road and Florida Ave.

Sign to go at the end of Hayes Road and Nebraska Ave.

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