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Yesterday we went to a day long pre-adoption class at the adoption agency. The purpose of this class was to educate us on issues that can arise during the adoption process and parenting issues of adopted children. The director of the agency was the person teaching the class. She has 14 children of her own, 5 that are biological and 9 that are adopted. She has pretty much seen and heard anything that you could encounter with an adoption. Here are just a couple of the bullet points from yesterday’s class.

– Adoption is God’s Plan A. You are not here simply because you can’t conceive/give birth to a child. He has used infertility to bring you to the place where you realize this was His plan for you and the child/children He has chosen for you.

– All adopted children experience a loss when they are adopted. They are losing the connection they have to their biological parents. Dealing with this loss properly will help your child make the attachment to you as their parents and will help them develop in the proper way.

– Attachment is extremely important. It is important that the child develops the connection to his/her parents as early as possible. This requires the parents to limit the amount of time the child is held by others and the bond between mother and child should be preeminent.

– 3 weeks of consistent positive attachment can help re-route neuropathways that have been damaged due to stress or trauma experienced in the womb.

These are just a few of the topics that we discussed in our meeting. This was a great eye opener to the differences in parenting an adopted child that I was not aware of. In the meeting she also advised us that she will probably be taking us off the waiting list this summer! So please pray for this to happen soon and that we can get everything ready at home for our baby.


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