One Month Old!

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This month has gone by so fast. MacMillan is growing and is now 11 lbs 5 oz. Newborn clothes are long gone.

Since I wasn’t working a job outside the house not a lot has changed on that front. Going places requires more planning but since I have cared for children in my home for years now, that was no surprise to me.

Getting ready for Christmas has provided some challenges with a newborn but Jason is very happy to take care of Mac in the evenings so I am able to get things done like wrap presents and make quick trips to the store.

Our sleep patterns are of course very different as Mac sleeps max 3 1/2 to 4 hours at a time, usually just 3. Thankfully I have been able to adjust to this pretty well.

IMG_9793Each month we are going to take his picture with his alligator to show how big he is getting. His Aunt Becky got him these tie stickers for each month and also for major milestones. I am definitely looking forward to the first smile 🙂

MacMillan is the joy of our lives and we are so blessed with him as our son.


We also are going to take a picture every month with this bear his birth mom gave him.

I can’t wait until Christmas where he can “open” some presents we got him.

He is our present this year.

Definitely the best gift ever.


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