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     The wait is definitely not over. But the first “trimester” of this paper pregnancy is done. We are off the waiting list and we are dropping off our application tomorrow. So what happens next you may ask?

First the background checks. Second all applicants are required to complete twelve hours of training provided by Woven Basket Christian Adoption Services.  Next the Home study, which you submit lots of documents and fill out forms. You get references from friends and family. Then you are evaluated in home. Once you finish the home study and they tell you if you are approved as prospective adoptive parents so you can move on to the profiling process.

During the profiling process you make your profile so that it will be available to birth parents selecting an adoptive couple.  The agency staff help you compile a profile, and guide you in the process.  Next the long anticipated Matching process – profiles that match an adoptive family’s profile and the desires of the birth mother/father will be shown to the birth parent(s).  Once a family has been identified, a meeting will be set up so the birth parent(s) and adoptive family can meet.  Once the meeting has occurred, the match will be formalized and a plan will be made for future contact. Once the baby is born they are placed in the adoptive parent’s home from the hospital.

Of course this is just a very brief overview. So much happens in between the lines of this process. It will be so exciting and so nerve racking at the same time. We are looking forward to meeting our baby. The Lord knows who they are and we are praying for them already.


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