Mission Impossible…

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When we started thinking about adoption my biggest hurdle was to trust that God would provide the funds to pay for it. We talked about the many different kinds of adoption and what we felt like God wanted us to do. We prayed and felt led to infant adoption. I did lots of research on different adoption agencies. The most important aspect was that we wanted an agency that cared for the birth mothers. One that did not treat them like commodities but like someone in need of help and guidance. We found that in Finally Home Christian Adoption Services. We looked at the fees and knew that we would need to do fundraising and save as much as we could.

When I prayed about the cost, I asked God if He could demonstrate to me how He would provide for this need. Some people might consider that doubting or being unfaithful but I liken it to Gideon who asked the Lord for one more sign before he proceeded with what he knew the Lord had commanded him to do.

The Lord heard my prayer and answered it in a big way. We received 2 gifts of money that we did not ask for or expect. I also received an opportunity to work a short-term job that provided more money than I was making at the time. After this I never once worried about where we would get the money. I knew no matter what happened God would provide, even if it meant we had to take out a loan.

We have done almost every kind of fundraiser possible. We have been more than blessed by all the friends, family and even strangers who have supported us through donations and prayers. The relationships I have forged with others through this will be ones I never take for granted.

This past weekend we were blessed to have a benefit concert hosted at a local church by 2 Christian rock bands – one of which Jason is a member. People graciously donated $5 or more for entry, purchased some of my crafts and felt moved to donate funds. This plus many generous gifts from people at our church in the past month have made it possible for us to say that we can pay for the last fees due at placement and the attorney’s fees for finalization of our Little One’s adoption.

Simple words cannot express how blessed we are, how thankful we are to God and all the people He has used to accomplish His plan for us. We have prayed so long for this child and so many of you have helped us see the reality of having a family and for that I will be forever grateful.

For so long we have felt like a mother and father without a child. The pain and frustration filled our lives, but it has now been replaced with joy only the Lord can bring.

Thank you for all your prayers and please continue to pray for the birth mother and for our Little One as the days grow closer to his arrival.

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