Infertility Awareness Week

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This week is Infertility Awareness Week. For a long time no one knew I had infertility problems because I was ashamed and did not want to have a dialog about it with people who didn’t understand. Infertility is a pain which no one can understand unless they have experienced it. To me infertility is like having your heart-broken over and over again.
People would often say things that they thought were helpful that just frustrated or hurt me. I tried not to hold it against them because they didn’t know it was hurtful. The best response for me was when people would just say that they would pray for me. The worst was when they “offered their advice” on how to get pregnant or if they said “God has a plan”. Even though I know God has a plan you telling me that doesn’t really help. So if you know someone with infertility simply pray for them, be their friend and don’t feel compelled to talk about it all the time. If your friend wants to talk about just listen and be supportive.

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