I won’t regret it

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I won’t regret the times I cuddled you all day long, the times I patted your back until you fell asleep or the many times I went in your room when you cried.

I won’t regret washing your diapers or laying with you on the floor as you tried to crawl.

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I won’t regret keeping you snuggled up against me in your carrier or how crazy your baby hair got before we had to get it cut.

I won’t regret taking you on a trip with me even though people said I was crazy to take a baby on a long flight. The memories I have of us together as a family in a place I love will never fade.


I won’t regret the ceremony to dedicate you to our Lord and the friends and family who stood by us as they expressed their thanks to God for you.

I won’t regret making sure you know your birth family because they are your beginning and their love for you is why you are with me.

I won’t regret watching your cousins because now you have a bond that will never fade.


I won’t regret teaching you all about Snoopy and the Peanuts gang because it makes me feel closer to you.

I won’t regret carrying you as a toddler because I know you still need me and one day I won’t be able to anymore.


I won’t regret the special trips to Busch Gardens to ride the train.

I won’t regret singing the same song to you every night until you won’t let me anymore.

You will always be my baby but the time goes by so fast I don’t know when will be the last time I get to carry you or sing that song.

Please time… slow down.

This song brought up all these feelings and I think you should have to hear it too.

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