Huge Success!

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Our Garage Sale Fundraiser was a huge success! Why ? First because we received so many donations from wonderful people. Second because a lot of you helped us get the word out via email, flyers, Facebook and word of mouth. Third because a lot of selfless, caring people helped us move the item to the church, organize, make signs, setup, and break down the garage sale. We can’t say enough about it because all the things you did helped us equally.

I know lots of people want to know the total amount of money we made but let me first say how I still can’t believe that so many people were so generous and many people donated money in addition to their purchases. We were so encouraged and feel so loved. The total does not include a very generous gift by my wonderful family and there about 20-30 items we received that were so valuable that we felt like selling them at a garage sale would not be the best way to go. We will be selling those on eBay and Craigslist. Once they are posted I will put a link on the blog so you can see them.  Also all the remaining furniture will be donated to Hope Children’s Home and then the rest of the items will be sold at a community garage sale in Wilderness Lake Preserve in Land O Lakes, FL.

So the total is $3700! I still can’t believe it. We are so blessed and so happy that this will help us make the journey to our child a lot easier. Thank you all so much.


I wish I would have had time to take a bunch of pictures so you could all see how many people helped and how much work they did. Luckily my cousin snapped a few while she was hard at work.

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  1. Senaf says:

    Congratulates!!..You all did a great job and you sold alot of the items. I loved the baked goods and my little planters I purchased.

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