Garage Sale Redux

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The big Garage Sale is over but the work continues. Spent two days going through and deciding what to sell at the sale/consignment/Craigslist/eBay and what to donate to Salvation Army and the Hope Children’s Home. Yesterday I loaded up the trailer and took the remaining items to the storage unit. Driving with a long trailer was definitely an experience but I felt pretty good about it. Someone told me I was like a pioneer woman doing it by myself.

Today I have a couple more items to give to some people, then the Hope Children’s Home will be picking up the left over furniture and we can get our last few items on Saturday. Hopefully that will be all for a while.

I just can’t thank everyone enough for all their help at the sale. We are overwhelmed by how hard you worked to help us.

Now just to get ready for the next much smaller sale.

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