Esther… you are your father

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I am becoming more and more like my dad everyday. I don’t mean to say that this is a bad thing. I love my dad. He is an amazing and selfless person. He has spent his life dedicated to serving God. He is a great father and husband. I have never doubted once that he loves me, my brothers, or my mom.

However my dad is always thinking and always on the move. He never stops. Always another idea, a solution to problem, a new way to teach something or a new way to build something. No matter how late he goes to bed he is up early in the morning. I am my father. My husband says this to me all the time. Once I start a project (i.e. our garage sale) I am constantly thinking about it. I am making mental notes, mapping out how the garage sale will be set up, deciding how we will price things and thinking about how we will organize it all prior to and after the sale. Too often I let these things build up in my mind and don’t write them down. Thoughts of everything garage sale consume my brain. So much so that I haven’t even taken time to really grocery shop or cut coupons in weeks.

All of these reasons are why I am so happy to be married to Jason. He knows that I need someone to remind me to write things down to free up my brain power for other things. He tells me to take time to relax and even though my first response is usually “I don’t have time” or “I don’t know how to not be stressed out about this”, he doesn’t give up on me.

Despite my instincts to continue to immerse myself in everything garage sale, I chose to go with Jason to his concert in Orlando. I took a wonderfully restful nap in the hotel room. And even though only yesterday I told Jason that we couldn’t afford to be in Orlando all day today, I gave into the desire to relax and we went to the outlet mall with our friends. On the drive home my mind already had switched back to garage sale obsession mode. I called/messaged some people about picking up boxes and donations. I also neurotically insisted that Jason find my black pen and clip it onto my notebook. (I like to use the same pen throughout my notebook. Yes, I am a crazy lady.) But as I got home I don’t regret going away for a day. Not only do I feel better, I feel ready to take on tomorrow with new ideas in mind.

I am happy that I am like my dad. That I can focus on something, get it done and do it right. Unfortunately for Jason, I also snore like my dad when my allergies are bad and sadly his night was not as restful as mine. He is grateful that like my dad and I get up early. He was able to sleep in while I got breakfast, worked out and then published the church bulletin.

How are you like your family members? Do you think it is good or bad?

My Dad working as a volunteer at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center. He went with me when no one else could. It was a great trip for both of us. Also like a great dad he is wearing a shirt I bought him from my most recent trip.

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