Enjoying the Moment

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Now that we are off the waiting list, I feel like I have lots of homework. I printed all the forms the other day that we have to fill out for our home study and it was about an inch thick. Luckily not all of it has to be filled out by us. We had to choose 5 people to give us references, there are medical forms that have to be filled out by doctors and then each of us have to fill out questionnaires separately. Then there is a lot of reading and signing.

I am very excited about this time in the adoption because things are moving. But I am trying to keep it in perspective. You see after we are done with this and then the profiling we are back to waiting. That is when it will be the hardest. No one can tell you how long you will wait. However, you need to be prepared in case they call and say you have been matched with someone who is due very soon or who has already had the baby. So there is no telling how long this process will take. Since I am a planner this takes me out of my comfort zone. The Lord knows this about me and has been taking me out of my comfort zone for quite some time in preparation for this moment.

So here’s to enjoying this moment in our adoption process and to Little One who is going to change our lives forever when he/she comes home.

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