Dollar Tree Favorites

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I love to shop at the Dollar Tree. You can find lots of good things there. However, just because something is “only a dollar” doesn’t mean it is a great deal. I often buy gift bags and tissue paper there. Also getting helium balloons there is a great deal since they average about $4 every where else.

I recently decided to try two more items from the Dollar Tree. Their Scrub Buddies Quick Erasers are very similar to Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo . I have used them all over my house : on doors, base boards, on the white parts of my Converse sneakers, and of course on the walls. Over all they perform just as well as the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo . Since the Scrub Buddies Quick Erasers are only a dollar they are definitely a good deal compared to the average of $2.50- $3 for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Duo.

The newest item I decided to buy was a Stor[it] Storage Bag XXL Size. These are suppose to compare to Ziploc Big Bags. Although these are listed as XXL they compare in size to the XL Ziploc Big Bags. The quality seems to be about the same. As I was transferring items out of a Ziploc Big Bag to this one I could tell that the plastic was about the same thickness. The top zipper portion worked pretty well, however it wasn’t a double zipper like the Ziploc. It held all the stuffed animals I needed to put in it easily. At the price of one dollar this is a great deal as the average price for a four pack of XL Ziploc Big Bags is $6.50- $7 ($1.62 – $1.75 per bag).  This is a great savings when you consider the fact that sometimes you don’t need four bags. I only needed one and I am glad I bought this at the Dollar Tree. 

Next week I will compare some other items from the Dollar Tree so if you are curious about a particular product let me know and I will check it out for you.


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