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Since I am always looking for a good deal I often go to Dollar Tree. This past trip I stocked up on some more gift bags as my supply was running pretty low. I don’t usually buy a lot at Dollar Tree but I definitely like to scope out the prices and try some new products every now and then.

Some of my furniture at home has glass and wood so I usually buy Pledge Multi Surface cleaner. Last time I cleaned off my tables I realized that I was running low and during this trip to Dollar Tree I noticed they had their own version, Power House Streak Free Multi Surface spray.

Due to cats, little nephews and regular use my furniture really needed to be cleaned this week. I tested it out on the wood chest/coffee table (pictured) and I was very pleased with the performance. I also used it on my sofa table that has both glass and wood on top, a shelf, the tv stand and a mirror. The Power House Streak Free Multi Surface spray did a quality job comparable to the Pledge Multi Surface I usually buy.

Since I bought this 9.7 oz bottle at Dollar Tree it only cost me a dollar about 10 cents per ounce. I compared this to the price of the Pledge at Target and Walmart , both were 41 cents per ounce,  Publix (my local grocery store), that was 44 cents per ounce. So buying this Dollar Tree version saved me about $3.00!

Now not all items at Dollar Tree are a great deal so I selected a few different items to do a price comparison :

July 2013 008Lysol Toilet Cleaner  – At Dollar Tree it was sold in 16 oz. bottles instead of the standard 24 oz. bottle sold everywhere else. I thought for sure that it was not going to be the best deal but it was. Here is the price break down per ounce : Dollar Tree 6.2 cents, Publix 9.5 cents, Walmart 8.2 cents, Target 8.2 cents.

July 2013 0178.5 x 11 Padded Envelopes – I picked just one of envelope items that Dollar Tree carries to compare but they did have a full range of packaging and regular envelopes. I expected that they would be a really good deal and I was right. Per envelope the price breaks down as : Dollar Tree 50 cents, Publix $1.19, Walmart 88.8 cents and Target $1.14.

July 2013 024Nesquick – This was one of those items I was pretty sure was not such a great deal at Dollar Tree. Their package is only 7 servings. I guess if you only wanted 7 servings it might be ok but who just wants 7 servings. I compared this to the average 38 serving canister at the other stores. The price per serving breaks down as : Dollar Tree 14.2 cents, Publix 13.6 cents, Walmart 11.2 cents and Target 11.3 cents.

July 2013 025Microfiber cloths – These are one of my other favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree. They are extremely effective at cleaning my counter tops and for dusting. Also they make it easy to get any food or drink off my couch without any cleaning products. I have some I bought at Home Goods and some I bought from Dollar Tree and to be honest I can’t tell the difference. My only tip is definitely don’t put them in the dryer because they will collect lint like nobody’s business. I just let them hang dry. The price break down per cloth : Dollar Tree 50 cents, Publix $1.00, Walmart $1.00 and I didn’t find any of comparable size at Target.

This week’s item to stay away from at Dollar Tree is the 48 count crayons. 

July 2013 019

Although it seems to be a decent deal these crayons are more wax than color. I bought them and tested some out and had to use half the crayon to get something colored in. With Back to School sales coming up you can usually get 24 packs of Rose Art or Crayola around 50 cents. Even at the regular price I would suggest purchasing the brand name crayons over these crayons as they are very disappointing.

Dollar Tree is a great place to get deals just beware of the quality and quantity of the product you are buying. Try something out before you stock up or feel free to ask me if I have tried it. Watch out for next week’s post about bathroom products.

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    You know you could make a business out of your cost saving tips. There are a lot of people out there that don’t have the time or inclination to do all this work yourself.

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