Craftiness is Hereditary

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First let me just say how awesome my family has been in supporting us as we begin the adoption process. Also they have been very generous in their time and donations. I love them and can’t imagine my life without them. I am blessed by all of them in different ways.

One of the many ways I have been blessed is by inheriting the craftiness gene. When I was a kid my mom made a lot of my clothes, my grandmother also made us clothes and stuffed animals. One of my aunts made me a bed set when I was a teenager. Another one taught me how to wrap gifts nicely. The others inspired me in many ways and of course my mother taught me the basics of sewing when I was a kid. She and my dad also bought me the nice sewing machine I currently have. I know my skills aren’t always the best (I am a little bit of a perfectionist) but my crafts are usually nice enough to impress those who have no sewing skills.

One of my aunts has made some cute bracelets to sell at the craft sale and my grandmother has made a colony of Easter bunnies. I am so blessed to have such talented and wonderful people in my family.

Easter Bunnies made by Chloe Coggins

 Bracelets made by Trish Lane

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