Busy Day Ahead

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One Week! That is all that is left until our Huge Garage Sale. We are so blessed to receive so many things from friends, family and strangers. I have a lot of work cut out for me on Monday and Tuesday as I need to sort through the rest of the donations.

We are picking up donations from a couple of people today and meeting some people at our storage unit. We are stopping the donations on Sunday as we just don’t have any more space or time next week. We are going to have a 2nd sale at the Wilderness Lake Preserve Community Garage Sale on April 21st. We will be selling whatever doesn’t go at this sale and any donations we receive after April 1st.

Not only do we have to pick up donations today but we also are going to my cousin Joseph’s wedding. Even though I have a lot of stuff I could be doing instead of going to his wedding I am going to use it to relax and take a break. It will be nice of course to be there when he gets married but also to see family and friends and have a nice time.


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