A Helping Hand

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Today my task was simple but big, to go through all the donations. I needed to organize, price and box up all the donations. I also needed lots of help. Thank the Lord that I have wonderful friends and family.

First my brother Kenny brought me a bunch of boxes which I needed desperately. Then my grandparents, Chloe and Rex, brought me even more boxes that they went it got for me early this morning.

I got another call from a friend and fellow church member Pat. She was free to help me for a couple of hours. She met me up at the storage unit at 10:30 am and those couple of hours turned into 6. She was so kind to help me for so long. Then my cousin Corynn was in town from college and offered to help me. She came over around 2:30 and worked until 6.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the rest of the boxing and pricing, until we get the next load of donations…

After a day full of organization we made a lot of progress.


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