99% Organized

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Jason and I went to the storage unit today to “finish up” organizing, pricing and packing up the donations. Of course, I mean we are done with the stuff we have received so far. The only thing that is not organized is the clothing. I still need to separate the men’s and women’s clothes, so we are only 99% organized. We still have more donations to pick up, so there will still be lots more work to do. Unfortunately, I underestimated the intensity of the hot March sun here in Florida and now I am pretty burnt. Good thing this nice olive skin of mine will turn tan in a day or two. Now we are off to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day at IKEA. Not really, we are just going there to pick some things up and eat dinner. I am wearing green though, which kind of makes me look like I am celebrating Christmas with my red arms.

Tomorrow we are working on selling some stuff on eBay and Craigslist. Hopefully it will be a very productive day like the last two have been.

All the items boxed up and ready to sell.

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