What I miss most

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I miss my kids.
Even though I don’t have any children of my own, I miss the ones I have cared for.
I see most of them semi regularly. However, I miss seeing them all the time.

I miss how Corynn and I would watch Aladdin together and go for walks around the neighborhood. I guess we could still do that but it would be much different now that she is 20.

I miss how I used to carry Alexis in the baby carrier at the mall or drive her around until she fell asleep. Although I think she would love to go to the mall, at the age of 13 she won’t be fitting into a baby carrier.

I miss picking up Adriana and taking her to Busch Gardens, riding the skyride together and checking out the meerkats. I don’t miss trying to potty train her by bribing her with candy. It was it was not easy. Luckily at 6 she doesn’t need me to do that anymore.

I miss the way Charlotte used to scratch my side with her hand while I was rocking her to sleep. Now that she is 2 1/2 she is such a big girl who can’t be held like a baby anymore.

Luckily I still take care for Daniel, Nolan and Izabelle but they are growing up so fast. All of the kids I have cared for have taken a piece of  my heart. They are all still babies to me even if they are 20.

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