Shoe Box Challenge

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OCC_ShoeBoxLabels In January, I challenged the members of my church to start packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes the way that my friend Amanda and I do – All Year Long. We collect items from November to October when we start assembling our boxes. We do this because of the number of boxes that we pack. Last year it was 184 and this year we hope to pack 200. It occurred to me that each family could use this same process to just pack 1 or 2 boxes when they feel like it might not be financially feasible to spend the money all at once or to allow a child to pack a shoe box with their own money/resources. Right now is a great time to get items on sale after Easter. Make sure you look at the list of items to pack and ones not to pack by getting the instructions HERE.

It really couldn’t be easier.

Step 1 : Get a plastic shoe box! (you can use a regular shoe box but a plastic one is nice for the child to be able to keep their items in)

Step 2 : Place it somewhere in your home/room where you will see it often or in your child’s room.

Step 3 : Buy a few items per month. Check after holiday sales, back to school sales, store clearance and dollar stores.

Step 4 : Write a note to the child who is getting the box.

Step 5 : Include $7 for shipping costs by putting cash or donating online at (if you pay online you will get an email telling you what country it went to)

You can get your children interested in Operation Christmas Child by showing them videos of kids receiving their boxes on YouTube .

Here are just a couple of tips on how a child can pack a shoe box by themselves.

Learn to give out of your abundance!

*Save your money and go to the dollar store once a month.

*Donate things you get for free like a toothbrush & toothpaste from the dentist!

*Stocking Stuffers / Easter Basket Item you might not use?

*Prizes from school or extra school supplies?

*Birthday Party Goodie bags often have pencils or other little toys that end up in the bottom of the toy box.

*Kids Meal toys are great but do we really need more small toys?

Put it in your box!

 I hope you join in my challenge to start packing Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. If you already pack boxes then I challenge you to increase the number you pack and get your kids involved. It is never to early to teach kids about giving to others!

What are some ideas that you can share to pack shoe boxes all year-long?


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