How long does it take?

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How many times have I answered this question? A ton. I don’t mind it being asked truly because I feel the more people know about the adoption process the better. But there are days where it seems like it takes forever. I think the waiting to be matched feels even longer because of the struggle of infertility that preceded it for us. So far we have been waiting 7 months since we handed over our profile book to our adoption agency. That doesn’t count the time that was spent before it with our home study update, finger printing and educational classes. But it truly is all worth it.

There is plenty of stress that goes along with the waiting. It is always on my mind. While I sew crafts and sell books to help make money to pay for the adoption costs I am thinking about our child’s birth parents and their struggles that have led them to this life changing decision. When I look at my son’s face,  I think about our baby who will have 2 families and what will they look like. Will it be a boy or a girl? Will I get to hear their heart beating before they are born or view them on a sonogram? Will I be able to bond with the birth mother and have a friendship and love that I have had with MacMillan’s birth mom? The questions and thoughts are endless.

So to answer the question, How long does it take? It takes the time God has appointed for us to become the parents to a child who needs us and to be the answer to the birth parent’s choice for life and hope for their child. And no matter how long it takes it will all be worth it.

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